But, what if…?

Here are all of the reasons I told myself today why not to join the Slice of Life Story Challenge:

What if I don’t know what to write about?

What if I’m too busy?

What if I miss a day of posting?

What if I fall asleep right before I click “Paste”?

What if someone is judgmental of my writing?

What if I’m afraid of what I may write?

What if my piece isn’t perfect?

What if I intend to write, but don’t, and then feel failure?

What if I can’t keep up?

What if I’m disappointed in my product?

What if I have writer’s block?

What if I have to work?

What if I’m nervous to put myself out there?

But, what if…

When I put myself out there, I learn about myself just as much as others will learn about me.

When I have to work, I schedule time for myself to write, even for 15 minutes, because writing is part of my work.

When I have writer’s block, I’m forced to be mindful and reflect on my daily interactions, thoughts, and feelings.  Somewhere, in my internal universe, there is a story.

When I’m disappointed in my product, I use the comments and suggestions of others to grow as a writer and a crafter of story.

When I can’t keep up, I tell myself that it’s ok.  Do what you can.

When I don’t write and feel failure, go into the archives of writing pieces I have saved that I haven’t yet shared and possibly post one of them.  Those stories need to be told.

When my piece isn’t perfect, I rejoice!  What fun is perfect?

When I’m afraid of what I may write, I embrace it.  Be honest.

When I think someone may be judgmental, I let that go.

When I fall asleep right before clicking “Paste”, I “Paste” when my eyes reopen.  It’s ok.

When I miss a day of posting, I carry on and post the following day.  It’s really ok.

When I think I’m too busy, I recall all that I make time for and prioritize.  Writing is important to me.  Make time for what is important.

When I don’t know what to write about, I look around, I listen, I reflect, I remember.  My story is right in front of me.

My story is right in front of me.

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Day 1 (#SOL20)




14 thoughts on “But, what if…?”

  1. I appreciate how you turned your doubts into positive, powerful statements. You can do this and you have a whole community of teacher-writers who’ll be cheering you on this month.


  2. This is powerful! Mindset is everything when we are part of any challenge. It looks like you are well on your way to having a successful writing month. I mean…it’s all right in front of you, right! 😉


  3. “When I fall asleep right before clicking “Paste”, I “Paste” when my eyes reopen. It’s ok.” Thank goodness there is usually a time to catch up. I enjoyed reading your struggle and then hearing your self-encouragement. Glad you made it through the struggle part.


  4. Your post reminded me of the book, Wemberly Worried. If you don’t know it the main character worries about everything. What if, what if, what if… I love how you brought yourself around to all the responses to your own what ifs. It is what our students go through and we are no different! Yay, Day 1 is a wrap!


  5. I love how you turned every negative what if into a positive. What a creative way to share your hesitations. I had similar feelings this year as well. I am glad we both decided to join!


  6. This is a wonderful piece! I want to print it out and hang it up over my desk or paste it to my laptop or something. Some days those negative what if questions get pretty loud, and you made great counter-arguments. I’m glad that you did not listen to yourself.


  7. What a wonderful format you’ve shared. I spend much of March collecting snippets of writing I love. Yours is going in my notebook.
    “When I don’t know what to write about, I look around, I listen, I reflect, I remember. My story is right in front of me.”


  8. Oh my goodness! I love this! This is my third year in the challenge & I nearly didn’t sign up this year for so many (good & legitimate) reasons. Still… I love it & I decided to go for it & be ok with imperfection when it arises – and it will arise. Thanks for this inspirational post!


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